The journey of a lifetime

When you close one door 10,000 new ones open and present new possibilities. Knowing which one will serve you best is part of exit strategy planning. that said, exit strategy planning is not about planning your business or personal life to the n'th degree. That is impractical. Even if it were practical it makes for a boring and predictable life anyway. Exit strategy planning is largely about being ready to make better choices faster.

The 3 Stages of Exit

Whether you are a business owner, business executive, or an employee at any other level of the business, both you and the business grow best and fastest when you are focused on building toward an exit. Below are the three stages of exit anyone in any business. Where you are, and where your business is, in part determines how we may be able to work with you.

Operational Exit

You cease to be active in the day-to-day work-floor activities of the company and elevate your focus to more strategic endeavours to advance the venture. Leadership of people and strategic roles are not for everyone so be sure you want this before you execute. There is nothing wrong with instead moving sideways to another company or another part of your existing company to elevate the challenge.

Executive Exit

You seek a new challenge for your talents and abilities, and still you want to remain part of the current business. The leadership you've practiced in your area of responsibility leaves behind a company and a group of engaged and committed of people with the desire to continue the growth and expansion your contribution has made possible. Now it's time to discover where the the next milestone in your journey will lead you.

Financial Exit

You've reached another milestone in your  journey, either as an entrepreneur or in your professional career. Whether the business (or your part of it) was sold, or you've simply moved on, your next challenge awaits.  The journey to arrive here however is best planned and executed strategically. There is no point, and even less equity, in leaving it to chance or to whatever divine guidance you set your compass by.

3 Phase Process to Systemise, Grow, Scale and Strategically Exit


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Our Story

We believe when you know why you are in business, and that reason is connected to something more meaningful than the size of your bank account, you attract to you people who can help you to realise everything you set your mind to achieve. Hedonist Entrepreneurs know and follow their why passionately and unreservedly; and help others ready, to do the same.

Our purpose is to transform how the world works, to align business and pleasure as mutually inclusive, to help more people to live life with passion, purposefully, and collaboratively, and to promote harmony and integration between personal pleasure, business pursuits and the attainment of happiness.
The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative. The Art of Enjoying Business and Life
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