We work with people who LOVE what they do in a company they LOVE!

Not people who would LIKE to love what they do. It's reflected in the business!

Relationships, like shoes, need to be a good fit!

We have some basic criteria that help us assess whether a company is a good fit for us. It's explained in our nine decks at the bottom of this page. Each is a deck of cards and every card has specific criteria to help grow, expand and scale the business to either investment and/or exit.

Possibilities to work together!

One of your goals is to grow your business.

Maybe we can help. We work together with select founders, owners and C-Suite executives with whom we share values. We help them to grow and scale the business so that they can exit when and how they choose, because each business (and) life is an exceptional journey, and this venture is one milestone along your forged path.


Clients, Members and trusted partners


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It is not our aim to work with everyone

We're unconventional, far from mainstream and we have no desire to work with average. Everything we do is designed to filter out people who are either unable, or unprepared to think differently.

From the way we use words, to how we be in business, we believe in varying the script. So the intercourse will be alternative, but if you want to work with us, you're not looking for normal.

The companies we work with either are, or desire to become exceptional in their industry. They are driven by purpose, and passion lives within the team, not just the senior management. Typically they seek either investment in 12 - 24 months and/or an exit within three to five years; there are exceptions.
If that is your company, let's talk!
If this is you! Reach out for a free call to discuss where you want to go and how we can help.
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Our 9 Decks

It's about growth! So companies we work with may have all the decks when we start working together, but don't yet hold all the cards in each deck.


The business is guided by 'Why' it exists, and by a vision of how to create experiences from its purpose.


Who the business serves and how those people like to be served is embedded across all operational areas.


Staff are hired for their unique talents, shared values and track record. Skills are augmented as required.


Customers and staff enjoy each new intercourse, appreciate the experience and celebrate the results.


Systems facilitate the heavy lifting of business operations so that talent is untethered and free to expand.


A strong base from which to execute new strategies and thrust toward new milestones and goals.

Smart tech

Technology augments the human experience, freeing up talent and creativity to recreate real connection between people.


Giving is embedded. As a Business For Good you improve life of people and the planet on purpose.

In it to win!

This is not a practice run nor hobby. People show up, have fun, do more than required, and learn what is not known.

3 Phase Process to Systemise, Grow, Scale and Strategically Exit


We don't care about what you know. We care about what you don't know. Where are your blind spots?
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When you're ready to level up, we have the professionals to help you to grow and scale to any height.
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This is the radio station we're all tuned into, and so should you.
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Our Story

We believe when you know why you are in business, and that reason is connected to something more meaningful than the size of your bank account, you attract to you people who can help you to realise everything you set your mind to achieve. Hedonist Entrepreneurs know and follow their why passionately and unreservedly; and help others ready, to do the same.

Our purpose is to transform how the world works, to align business and pleasure as mutually inclusive, to help more people to live life with passion, purposefully, and collaboratively, and to promote harmony and integration between personal pleasure, business pursuits and the attainment of happiness.
The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative. The Art of Enjoying Business and Life
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