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Education needs to be experiential to become knowledge. Without knowledge you're at best as good as the authors of the books you've read or lecturers you've listened to. Everything we do is designed for you to experience what you learn as you learn it. Whether you're a digital nomad, CEO or you sit in bricks and mortar, our programs can help you level up and transform your business.
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BsnssRcks is our professional training and education arm.

Pronounced "Business Rocks", the name reflects the passion both we and our clients have for being in business and the businesses we are in.
As an independent, I'm always on the look-out for new business opportunities, gaining insight into better ways of expanding current operations and loving to connect with others, I found that this BsnssRcks concept had it all: Clear, succinct reminders of how to self-development always needs to precede business development, valuable and to-the-point advice on leveraging different referral and investment opportunities and on thinking outside our preconceived possibilities.

I also loved the concept - 15 min. presentations followed by about 90 min. of working/networking time. I thought it worked beautifully, preventing presentation fatigue due to the interjections of free activity time; something to remember for future workshops.

It also appeared that because of who Helen and Paul are as individuals, they seemed to have attracted extremely dynamic, open-minded and thoughtful people, all of whom I enjoyed tremendously. As a result, I connected with more people who could become potential collaborators in one day than I usually do in months. And I will be sure to come to the next BsnssRcks event.
Anita Sheehan, Self-Worth and Purpose Coach | Trainer| Facilitator
Self-Worth Academy

Business Rocks Public Group Business Trainings

[ in classroom events ]

Business Builder Track

Due to COVID-19 restrictions most in classroom events from the Business Builder Track have been converted to an online format. If you prefer to attend a live in classroom event instead of online, please reach out so that we may discuss it and work out how to make that happen with you.

Job to Juice

The JOB to JUICE program will help you shift your business from you acting in a 'job' you tolerate to you being in a valuable asset others desire and respect. Whether you are an employee by choice or an employee by default (because you registered a company and gave yourself a job for life) if you aspire to be something more, to be that person you originally set out to be when you started your career or started that company, then this program can put you on the fast track to having everything that you imagined you'd have as a result of being that person.

Core Program

BsnssRcks is a one-day interactive workshop with focused, targeted, practical information and advice to help business people overcome their biggest challenges, capitalise on their greatest ideas and build a more successful business. This program is suited to established long standing businesses all the way back to start-ups. Irrespective of where your business is on that spectrum, if you attend and participate with a desire to achieve with purpose, you will get the best outcomes from this training. When you follow your passion professionally, everything you do is a celebration of you being in flow.


Raise The Bar

So many businesses are drowning in a sea of sameness. Your product or service offering feels ‘different’ to you, and in your mind you have a totally unique point of difference. Yet the results prove that to your customers it is all just more of the same. Often all that's needed is a small turn of the dial, a minor realignment to transform into significant results. Imagine if you were your clients’ first choice every time. That’s where any business can be, and if you want to be there, it may be time to Raise The Bar!

Advanced Capital Track

Due to COVID-19 restrictions most public in classroom events have been converted to an online format. If you prefer to attend a live in classroom event instead of online, please reach out so that we may discuss it and work out how to make that happen with you. All of the Advanced Capital Track Training programs are also offered for corporate clients in-house.

Pitch Deck Masterclass

When you want to raise investment you'll need a pitch deck. You could grab a pitch deck template online and spend hours trying to get it done, or you can invest a day, attend this workshop, focused and armed with the info you'll need to complete your pitch deck in a day. Then go out and start pitching investors more effectively. In the training I'll share with you my experience from the last 30 years of being pitched and assisting UHNW private equity investors evaluate pitches.

capital growth accelerator

Positioning a company for investment is a multifaceted exercise. It is also very much common sense instead of the mystery many in the industry would have clients believe. The nine-month Capital Growth Accelerator provides a structured and systematic curriculum of practical content, guidance, support, tips, tricks, tools and techniques to help the business develop a stronger positioning for investment and be able to present themselves in a relevant manner to private investors.

Business Sale deck masterclass

Quickly and effectively showcase your business. A Sale Deck is a condensed summary of the business, highlighting the pertinent points the prospect needs to know to take the next step. The Sale Deck has a very specific structure, tried, tested and refined over time. It is as much an exercise in human psychology as it is in presenting logic and data. Some day you will want to exit your business. Set it up for the sale from the very beginning and when it comes time to start the process will help you guide the prospective buyer's focus to the most relevant and valuable points.

Level Up To The The Total Quality Experience With The Total QX Track

Due to COVID-19 restrictions most public in classroom events have been converted to an online format. If you prefer to attend a live in classroom event instead of online, please reach out so that we may discuss it and work out how to make that happen with you. All of the Total QX programs are also offered for corporate clients in-house.

Total QX Club - The Total Quality Experience Action Program

Every two months members of the Total QX Club attend a 'two day intensive' to explore new developments and learnings in marketing, human psychology, customer experience and supporting technologies. During the event they collaboratively workshop and discover how to apply these to their business, respectively improve on existing transformations in progress. Total QX Club is by application or invitation only.

Putting Total QX into Action | 1-Day Intensive

Learn the principles of Total QX and take action during the training to explore ways it can be applied to your business. Participants brainstorm both common and unique challenges through the collective braintrust and create actionable plans to take back to their business and/or issue instructions to their team to implement during the Total QX Intensive. The key to success is ensuring both learning and actions are measurable.

Total QX Methodology | 3-Hour Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of Total QX and take action with the other participants of the training to brainstorm and explore ways it can be applied to your business. This is an introductory training designed to provide a clear understanding of the methodology so that you can implement it in your business directly. You'll leave the workshop with at least one process transformation mapped out and ready to execute with your team.

Register Your Interest

Given the challenges presented through the COVID-19 embargoes and restrictions placed on business and society by the elected authorities in almost every country, we are collating interest from people with regard to the different courses and trainings so as bring together virtual (pr physical if possible) class of people in roughly the same timezones or in the same general area if physical is a possibility. Please let us know which course or courses you are interested in and we'll get back to you directly to discuss possibilities

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Our Story

We believe when you know why you are in business, and that reason is connected to something more meaningful than the size of your bank account, you attract to you people who can help you to realise everything you set your mind to achieve. Hedonist Entrepreneurs know and follow their why passionately and unreservedly; and help others ready, to do the same.

Our purpose is to transform how the world works, to align business and pleasure as mutually inclusive, to help more people to live life with passion, purposefully, and collaboratively, and to promote harmony and integration between personal pleasure, business pursuits and the attainment of happiness.
The Hedonist Entrepreneur Initiative. The Art of Enjoying Business and Life
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